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Monday, March 15, 2010

I Belong to Me

I find Jessica Simpson endearing. I think she's beautiful, smart (yes, I said smart), funny, cool and most of all-she's real. Pssh, anyone could have mistaken tunafish for chicken. She is unabashedly herself and I completely admire her. Her albums don't always go platinum and her movies go straight to DVD, but she has a raw talent that is poorly marketed and shunned by the media.

When the going got tough, she didn't shave her head bald and beat a Pap's car with an umbrella (sorry Brit!), she didn't lose her panties and she didn't party with the Hilton's. She stood her ground, remained herself and allowed the Cowboys one of their worst seasons. Yoko Romo my butt.

Jess Simpson is easily relatable and so are her songs. One of my favorite's by her is "I Belong to Me," a song written post-Nick and the video is just show's off her raw talent.

Since Blogger now has all of these different features, it's hard for me to embed the video on here to show you. If you care, you can look it up on YouTube yourself. But for your listening pleasure, the song are below.

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