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Friday, December 31, 2010

Another Year in the Books

In stereotypical fashion, I will now reflect on the past year.  As I always say, 2010 was a doozy.  I learned a lot about myself, people and the world this year.  I became a news junkie, a social media enthusiast, a thrift shopper, a networker and a non-profit activist.  Most of what happened in 2010 was not planned.  At all. 

I've met some amazing people that will inspire me for the rest of my life.  I've realized that my gut feelings about things are almost always right.  I made up with my best friend after an 8 month hiatus (the emptiest 8 months of my life).  I fell in love with Broadway, again.  I also realized that I am way too much of a klutz and my body hates me. 

I've challenged myself in different ways and now it's time to start all over again. 

I would love to say I know what 2011 will bring me, but that's the best thing about the unknown.  I have no fucking clue.  So, hold on to your New Year Party Hats and stay tuned to this blog for all the updates.  I will be fashioning a new look in the new year, if you catch my drift. 

OH!  I also got engaged! 

Here are my New Year's Resolutions for 2011.  Most of 2010 still apply, however, some of these are necessary and some are shallow.  Either way, I'm doing it. 

  1.  Read.  I have about 4 books on my shelf that have yet to be read. 
  2.  No shopping.  Yes, really.  I will allow myself a new piece every season, and only buy necessities.  I have a full closet.  There should be no need for an outstanding credit card bill.
  3. Blog more.  I've neglected you the past few months.  This year my posts will be more regular.
  4. Have patience.  Each day it wears thinner and thinner. 
  5. Save money.  On my list every year, however, now I really have to.  I have a wedding to plan!
  6. Pay off all debt.  One of my greatest triumphs last year was finally paying off all of my CC debt.  It has now added up again, and I am back to square one. 
  7. Practice yoga again.  It's just necessary.
  8. Cook.  I always say I don't have time, but this year, I will make it a point to craft some things in the kitchen.
  9. Take time for me.  There are just times when you need to be alone.
  10. Give myself manicure's.  Another way to save money, and it's therapeutic. 

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