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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Dear Santa

Dear Christmas,

I actually don't hate you this year.  

Love sometimes, 


I actually don't hate Christmas this year.  Which is a first in a very, very long time.  For once, I am actually looking forward to spending the day with my family and friends.  I can't wait for people to open the gifts I got them and I could care less what I get this year.

I almost feel like a little kid again.  I couldn't wait to put up our Christmas tree.  I mapped out presents for my fam and friends before Thanksgiving and have them all in place...mostly.  I even treated myself to some new shoes at 50% off, Happy Birthday to me! 

I spent the day in the NYC on Sunday with my boy and some friends.  We took in a Knicks game and just wandered around, looking at all of the decorations, the windows and eventually making it to The Noodle Bar*.  We walked through FAO and Rockefeller and just had a great time.

As some of you may remember, Christmas day is my birthday.  I have long hated (nay loathed) the day that Santa slid down my chimney.  However, something changed in me this year.  Maybe it's my old age (I'm going to be 27, EEEK!).  Or, it could be realizing that I have an amazing family, friends and boyfriend and I have everything I need.  Well, minus that stellar career.  Fingers crossed for a lucrative 2011.

In the words of N'Sync "Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays." 

*This little restaurant was found randomly by my boy and I last year during the Christmas season.  While driving to NYC, he expressed that he wanted noodles.  He didn't specify Italian, Thai, Chinese, Japanese he just wanted noodles.  As we exited the Lincoln Tunnel and into the greatest city ever, we drove around aimlessly until we randomly passed a hole in the wall called The Noodle Bar.  His wish was granted and I ate the best Shrimp Won Ton of my life.   

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Lee said...

I just want to specify two things. 1) You eventually made it to the Noodle Bar (the 2nd time) due to your GP-Alicia (the better GPS). 2) I specifically made sure not to mention Christmas at all on your birthday gifts for THIS?! :/