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Friday, December 24, 2010

Birthday Blues

I was so on a roll.  I was so ready to be happy that it was my birthday this year, to not complain about the pressure amounted with the Christmas season.  I was ready to celebrate getting another year older with people that I love. 

Until today.  Christmas Eve.  The eve before I turn 27.  I was fine until, as usual, the season takes a turn for the worse.  This year and last, family wise, has been far from easy.  And I'll be damned if I can find a family that doesn't have drama around this time of year.  It just so happens that all of the drama seems to commence on my birthday.  Oh joy.  At Thanksgiving, the Holiday season looked promising.  And until about 24 hours ago, it still did. 

As I've said many a time before, I'm a brat on my birthday.  And this year, I was very ready to go with the flow.  To fly by the seat of my pants, and just enjoy the Holiday/Birthday and relax for once.  It's still possible if I just brush it off.  But some things are getting too serious to just forget about. 

That's the other thing...I've been brushing off things, people etc lately.  I've had this "No More Drama" schtict in my life for some time and in turn it has caused me to have a nonchalant attitude towards many situations.  I'm all about cleaning out unnecessary clutter and drama.  Cutting off the weak links and just enjoying life.  However, although it has made me more carefree, I've noticed a severe lack in communication going on between people who may need a helping hand still. 

As this all comes to light on the eve of my birthday, I will try to light the way like a Christmas star and hope that some people forgive me for my emotional absence. 

Because having everyone Happy around me, truly is the meaning of a great Birthday.

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