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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

You Gotta Get With My Friends

Many people have forgotten about the other British invasion that occurred a la 1997...the Spice Girls landed on American radio with the infectious sugary pop tune "Wannabe."

Besides the message of "Girl Power" to their core female audience, they also had a message for the men. You gotta get with my friends. Before you jump to sexual conclusions (mind out of the gutter please!) hear me out.

Ever have that friend who's boyfriend sucks balls? Yes, we all have. And as much as we try to tell her he's no good, she's still with him. I'm a firm believer that people are treated in ways that are indicative of what is said about the other person. Don't follow me? Basically whatever you tell your friends about your significant other is a catalyst for how they will treat him/her. If your friends BF treats her like dog poo, you won't treat him like he just cured fucking cancer.

For example: one of my best friends had a boyfriend who was absolutely nuts. He caused a lot of unnecessary drama and even jumped out of a moving car to prove his point. Needless to say, it was very hard for me to be nice to him after what he put my bestie through, let alone have any respect for him. As much as I tried to grin and bear it for the sake of my friendship, my true colors were written all over my face.

Another example is Heidi and Spencer--this needs no explanation.

This past weekend I was explaining this concept of mine to my girls who have been through a lot emotionally the past few months. One of them said outwardly: "So, the Spice Girls were right?"

Yes. Yes, they were.

Although you may not be suggesting a threesome, you might be a little more careful as to how you treat your man or lady. The way you are treated speaks volumes in Spice World.

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