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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Feeling all Fall Like

The new season, Fall, is among us and I think my body has taken that to a literal level. I've never been one for grace, probably because I stopped taking ballet when I was 6 years old, and I happen to be kind of oblivious to stairs, garbage pails and door frames. What I'm getting at is that I am a chronic klutz.

So much so that my roomate thinks that our apartment is trying to kill me. We first moved in back in June and it was going great. Sure I would smack my elbow or stub my feet on odds and ends here and there, but I just chalked it up to adjusting to the new place. Not to mention the two boys leave things on the floor and in the dark I always trip over them.

In August I literally fell down a flight of stairs outside our apartment. I was rushing out the door on my way to work and my Steve Madden heel got caught on my pant leg and down I went. It was a pretty bad fall and luckily I didn't break anything. I had a ginormous bruise on my right shin that looked like a blue, green and yellow shin guard and a bruise on my hip. I didn't feel the actual damage until weeks later. The stairs are treacherous and I had visions of myself falling down them but not to that degree. Let's just say I'm not looking forward to the winter.

Now, two weeks ago we had a monsoon in Beacon. It was originally a nice night and we had all of the windows to the apartment open. All of a sudden it started raining sideways (or cats and dogs) and buckets of water were coming through our windows. All three of us started frantically closing windows. I closed the bedroom windows while my Boy closed the living room. My roomate closed the kitchen, his bedroom and the bathroom windows.

I went back in to the bedroom to assess the damage, it was then that I noticed that the rain was now coming through the AC vent. My Boy suggested I get a garbage bag to stuff the hole. I ran back into the kitchen and unbeknownst to me, slipped on a huge puddle of water that had already formed from the rain that had come through the window and flew towards the pantry door frame.

My left foot hit head on and I broke my left 4th toe and bruised the ones and my foot around it. To the emergency room I went. The doctors and I established that I was a chronic klutz and I was given a boot and some bandages to wear for 6 weeks.

However, I am really trying to not let my broken toe hinder my social calendar and I have luckily been able to keep most of my appointments. Pumpkin and apple picking may prove to be a difficult task and Haunted Houses are out for me this season, but I have enjoyed not running from event to event in the sense that this has caused me to slow down and smell the roses.

So, if the whole falling down thing is God's way of telling me to slow the &%*! down, then I hear you loud and clear.

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Lee said...

I, personally, think it's "His" way of telling you to move. Hold on, this just in:

...Yup, He said, "Florida."