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Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Daily Jones: August 27, 2009

I was a bad girl last week. I shopped. Or at least, I thought I did. I've been jonsing for a new purse since the springtime. Unfortunately I haven't had the ability to muster up some cash to actually afford the ones that I want. Until, last Thursday. As I was perusing Macy's website in search of the inevitable perfect purse, I saw it.

Now, I'm not usually a Dooney & Bourke fan, but the Luna was adorable in its cobalt blue (the color of my car, sooooo meant to be!) shade. The size was perfect, the price was perfect and the purse would look awesome on my shoulder well into the fall season. So, I purchased it. I put in on my Macy's Card (no balance, woo hoo!). My credit card info was saved on the website, so I never actually had to take out my card.

I waited impatiently for my package to arrive the next couple of days. It never came. I checked my account, my purchase never registered. I called the Macy's credit card company, I have no record of a purchase.

Did I imagine the whole thing? Was it really too good to be true?

The Dooney and Bourke, Luna purse is no longer available on Macy's website for the amount I saw, nor the color I wanted it in.

Now comes the hard part, do I purchase the purse that's perfect for me at the asking price of $245? The kicker? I have looming credit card debt, not as bad as it was a year ago, but still debt is debt. I do work hard, and I pay for everything in my life. Which is why I treat myself to expensive items such as a new purse.

Oh, the dilema.

Store: Dooney & Bourke
Designer: Dooney & Bourke, Luna
Price: $245.00

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There are some who call me... Tim said...

It's hard to say, but hold off. You definitely do deserve it, but it would feel so much better buying it with your debt paid off wouldn't it?

:) Good luck!