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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My Backbones

I'll never forget, I was about 10 years old, clad in Lee jeans and my super snazzy white Keds sneakers. The elementary school nurse was doing her routine checkup's on us little tykes. She had me bend over and they rolled a ruler type contraption down my back. I had scoliosis (I would come to find out, at age 15, that it runs in my family). I had a slight curve in my lower spine, not drastic enough to put me in a brace, but just enough of a pain in the ass to send me to a back specialist where he told me "not to run track and do yoga." I was on my own with that one.

Thanks, doc.

My family has been in shambles ever since I can remember. We were happy once upon a time, but what Walt Disney fails to tell you at the end of every fairytale is that no one ever lives "happily ever after." Some people say that family is supposed to be your backbone. I unfortunately don't have that luxury. My friends have become my makeshift family and I, for that, am truly grateful. They are my backbones.

I won't bore you with the scarring details of my family's past, that's best saved for my therapist. What I will tell you is that I have the best girlfriends I could ever ask for. They are there for me, without hesitation, and I don't know what I would do with out them. At the risk of being too mushy, I will just post their photos and embarrass them a tad.

Alicia, 10th Grade, Wife, lives too far away

Meg, College cube mate (J2 Crew!), Sister, PIC

Maggie, 2005, work PIC, GF's

Giselle, 8th Grade, Chai and Chat buddy, bathroom stall hater

I seriously don't know what I would do with out my backbones. I wouldn't be able to pick myself up...literally and figuratively.

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Lee said...

I'm not embarrassed to be labeled as your family! 'Dafukouttahea! I love you and even though we're thousands of miles apart, we're still in the same time zone! That has to count for something!!!