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Monday, August 3, 2009

Treading Lightly

I've never been one to brag. I usually keep my work, my accomplishments and my good news to myself. I don't really have a reason as to why, maybe because it's not anyone's business, or even that anyone would care. They were my goals, mine to reach for... so why should I share?

A few years ago, I met with my mentor/college professor before I graduated from college. I wanted her to look over my resume. The one thing she told me:
"Allie, you have to brag. Brag. Brag. Brag."
"Really? I'm not sure how."

She had said, in so many words, that I have to sell myself to these companies. They look for confidence, they want to know everything that you've done and why it's relevant to the position you're applying for.

I sat down on my bed after our meeting and I kept a running list of everything that I've done. It was a lot. Professionally, I was awesome. Instead of working as a waitress or folding clothes at the local mall, I had been building up a nice little resume for myself to shop around to potential employers.

I always wanted to be a writer, or to at least to have writing somewhere in my job description. I've been lucky thus far. I have also been taking cues from my partner in crime, my BFF and my sister soul mate, Meg, on how to market myself to actually do what I want to do. And that's write on my own terms, about what I want and to have significance and importance.

This brings me to my post on Think Communications' blog about being anonymous. I was never comfortable about being myself on paper (or in blog). I always had an alias. Alas, I was always torn and my other projects rarely lasted more than a few months. I wanted my work to be showcased, but as me. But, who was going to care to read it? What if I'm just bragging to crickets? Will the one lone tomato be thrown from the dark crowd? Fortunately, this is the blog-o-sphere and said tomatoes are virtual and rarely leave a stain.

What I'm trying to say (and what has taken me this entire post to get to the point of) is that I am slowly integrating myself into the blogging, social media marketing myself and twittering my thoughts and accomplishments.

For now, I'm testing the waters.

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