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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Daily Jones: September 23, 2009

Hi, I'm Allie and I have a shopping problem.

Crowd: "Hello, Allie!"

I once gave up chocolate for Lent. This past year, I gave up shopping. It was a great feeling. Last year, around this time, I gave up shopping until Christmas and even then, I only bought gifts for other people.

Last night, I was talking with my boyfriend about my upcoming schedule (read: Work-a-holic). We are planning a mini-vacay to Vermont in late November. I mentioned how I signed up for a "Lucky Shops" event in NYC on November 6th. It's an event where you can shop major deals on designer duds, have a few cocktails, mingle with celebs and such. I am going with Meg.

Somewhere between explaining the event and figuring out what weekend in November works best, I blurted out how I'm not going to shop until November 6th.

It seriously came out of nowhere.

His response, "Bullshit."

He's right. It's almost virtually impossible for me to avoid a good buy or a sale. When the two of us walk through stores I put blinders on myself as to not see all of the cute little tops or accessories.

Right now, I'm jonsing for shoes. I'm always the same size, and in no way can I look fat. And since it's now officially Fall, it will come a time in the near future that I will need to cover up my tootsie's.

I'm liking these:

Store: Nordstrom
Designer: Converse
Price: $39.90

Buying these certainly will not break the bank, but it's the principle of the situation. Do I need them? No. Would I like to have them? Yes. Would I wear them? Of course!

If only there were more important issues to worry about. *wink*

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